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    Publish time 2015-09-15 18:11    
Bluetooth headset V4.0
BTHS-008 Bluetooth headset V4.0

Be widely used in bluetooth devices, such as apple IPhone, mobile phones, game consoles, laptops, PDA, etc.
Main functions: make a phone call, listen to music , voice prompt function

Bluetooth version: CSR8635 chip version 4.0
5 GHz working frequency: 2400 ~ 2400
Receiving sensitivity: < - 83 dBm
Transmission power: automatically detects the dynamic transmission power, the maximum 4 dBm
Support A2DP function (stereo music function)
Support AVRCP function (audio/video remote control function)
Support function of HFP (hands-free function)
Support HSP function (headphones mode)
Communication: double C
Channel bandwidth: 1 m
Indoor barrier-free range: > 8 m (omnidirectional)
Outdoor barrier-free range: > 10 m (omnidirectional)
Frequency response: 20 hz to 20 KHZ
The battery specification: 3.7 V, 150 ma lithium battery
The whole machine working current: < 30 ma
The machine shutdown standby current: < 1.5 uA
The machine on standby current: < 15 ma
Horn maximum drive power: 20 mw * 2 high-fidelity green white magnetic horn
Life time: 4 hours or more
Online standby time: 15 hours or more
Charging current: 100 + / - 15 ma
Battery charging and discharging life: 500 times or more
A standby battery life: 2 or more months
The battery standby time: 240 hours or more
When charging ways: USB charging
Charging charging time: use the computer for about 2 hours
No paired bluetooth devices, the headset standby time more than five minutes, automatic shutdown
Voice prompt function calls, there are obvious
When charging, the red LED grow light
Charged, the red LED automatically extinguished
When power is less than 20%, there will be alarm prompt
Tip: low voltage power supply voltage is lower than 3.1 V, the headset to prompt, automatic shutdown when less than 3.0 V
- 40 db high sensitivity electret MIC, guarantees the clear voice
USB interface: insert with matching adapter or USB cable,then charge lithium battery .