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Power management
Programmable surge protector with LAN interface

EG-PMS2-LAN is an advanced surge protector with power management features. It is possible to individually switch 4 sockets on or off manually via your local network or Internet, by timer schedule, or by programmable special events (eg: switch on my scanner whenever I start Photoshop, or have my printer switched on only when I really print). With your free personal user account on you can manage your EG-PMS2-LAN via Internet from all over the world, even with your smartphone.

• Stay in control of all your electrical devices at home or in the office
• Program four sockets individually via LAN or Internet
• Switch electric devices on or off with your smartphone, wherever you are
• Protect your valuable equipment
• An advanced standby-killer for computer peripherals
• Perfect solution for security systems , sauna , aquariums, pet habitats, etc.
  • Switch individual sockets on/off manually from your computer
  • Switch individual sockets on/off by a programmable timer schedule
  • Switch individual sockets on/off whenever a certain software event occurs (e.g. Windows/other software start-up/shutdown, print spooler starting and finishing its job, etc)
  • Because of the LAN interface and the built-in web-server, EG-PMS2-LAN can be accessed from any computer within your local network (via an Internet browser or Power manager software)
  • It is also possible to assign an external IP-address to EG-PMS2-LAN, to enable worldwide remote access via the Internet
  • No external IP-address at home? No problem. Create your own user account on to manage your EG-PMS2-LAN via Internet with any PC or smartphone. Switching on your coffee maker before setting off for home becomes a reality.
  • IP-filter 64-bit password protected data encryption guarantees secure Internet access to EG-PMS2-LAN
  • EG-PMS2-LAN has a built-in battery for the timer schedule, so the timer schedule remains active even when EG-PMS-LAN is temporarily turned off.
  • Input voltage: up to 250 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz
  • Maximum load current: 10A
  • Maximum power consumption: 2.5 W
  • Built-in power supply
  • Power cord: 1.8 m
  • Hardware schedule possibilities:
  • Maximum number of independent hardware schedules - 16
  • Time interval between the events – from 1 minute to 180 days
  • Timer accuracy: not more than 2 seconds error per day in case that power is always present. Otherwise there can be an additional up to 2 seconds error per each "power off"
  • Working temperature range: from 0 to +40 °C
  • Net weight: up to 1 Kg
Package Contents
  • User manual and Quick installation guide
  • RJ45 cross-over cable (red), RJ45 LAN cable (grey)
  • CD with Power Manager software for Windows
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